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Join Our Shibboleth Lifestyle Program for Just $5 a Month!

Join Our Shibboleth Lifestyle Program for Just $5 a Month!

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Discover the Power of Faith-Based Weight Loss

Join a thriving community of over 22,000 members on a journey of transformation that transcends the physical. Shibboleth Lifestyle is not just a weight loss program; it's a faith-based movement led by Travis Martin, designed to inspire, motivate, and guide you toward achieving your health and weight loss goals. With over 20 years of success stories, this program has proven that when faith meets discipline, miracles happen.

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What You'll Get for Just $5/Month:

Everything but all courses

Get our beginner, intermediate and advanced programs

  • Fast Track
  • Journey
  • Tiger's Eye

Live & On-Demand Classes

Learn from the comfort of your home with our FB Live classes and on-demand video library, offering flexibility to fit your schedule.

Expert Coaching from Travis Martin

Get personalized guidance and support from Travis Martin himself, ensuring you stay on track and motivated.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Resources:

From a detailed weight loss calendar and food library to thousands of recipes and an approved food list for weight loss, we provide all the tools you need.

Supportive Community & Challenges

Engage with a like-minded community, share experiences, participate in Wow Challenges, and find the encouragement you need to succeed.

Personal Journal & More

Keep track of your journey, document your progress, and celebrate every milestone with your personal journal.

  • 1.0 Fast Track Lesson

    • Objective: This program is your gateway into our holistic approach to weight loss. Designed for beginners, it lays the foundation for a sustainable and enjoyable weight loss journey.

    • Content: The Fast Track Program consists of concise, pre-recorded videos that cover everything you need to know to start losing weight effectively.

    • Badge System: Upon completing the program and passing a test, you'll earn your Fast Track badge. This badge is not just a symbol of your accomplishment; it signifies your mastery of the foundational principles of our weight loss methodology. It's a critical step, as it ensures that any further education you pursue with us will be more impactful and meaningful.

    • Support: The Fast Track program offers unwavering support.  Shibboleth recognizes that real change requires dedicated support to each member. Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and guiding you through each step of the program.

    • Weight Loss Expectations:  10% of your bodyweight lost in your first 30 day
  • 2.0 Shibboleth Journey

    • Objective: Journey is the next step after Fast Track. It's designed for those who are committed to making weight loss a sustainable part of their lifestyle.
    • Content: This program delves deeper into the principles learned in Fast Track, with a focus on understanding the 'why' and 'how' behind effective food combining, insulin control, and overall wellness.
    • Badge System: Completing the Journey program and demonstrating your understanding will earn you the Journey badge. This badge symbolizes your readiness to embrace a long-term lifestyle change and your deeper understanding of our weight loss principles.
    • Approach: Journey is about expanding your knowledge and variety in healthy food choices, making your diet enjoyable and diverse.
    • Weight Loss Expectations:  1% of your bodyweight lost each week.  
  • 3.0 Tiger's Eye

    • Objective: This advanced program is aimed at those who have successfully integrated the principles from Fast Track and Journey into their lives.
    • Content: Tiger's Eye focuses on more advanced concepts like food elimination protocols, body transformation techniques, and fasting methods.
    • Badge System: Only after earning the Fast Track and Journey badges should you consider advancing to Tiger's Eye. This ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding, which is essential for the more advanced techniques covered in this program.
    • Results: Tiger's Eye is designed to accelerate your weight loss journey, potentially tripling the rate of your progress compared to the Fast Track and Journey alone.
    • Weight Loss Expectations:  1% of your bodyweight lost each week.
  • 🙏🏼Faith-Based Approach

    Integrate your spiritual beliefs into your weight loss journey, finding strength and motivation in your faith.

  • 💕 20+ Years of Success

    Join a program with a long history of helping individuals achieve and maintain significant weight loss.

  • 🏋️‍♂️ More Than Just Weight Loss

    This is a holistic program that focuses on physical health, spiritual growth, and emotional well-being.

Start Your Journey Today

For just $5 a month, with free cancellation anytime, you're not just investing in a weight loss program; you're embracing a lifestyle change that promises not only a healthier body but a rejuvenated spirit and a supportive community to walk with you every step of the way.