Meet Our Founder & Owner

We our dedicated to providing exceptional weight loss program and meals to our beloved clients and partners

  • Founded MyShibboleth Lifestyle in 2005

    Hi, I'm Travis Martin, the founder of My Shibboleth. My early struggles with bullying due to my build, leading to serious health issues by my twenties, were a wake-up call. By 29, facing obesity and multiple health conditions, I realized the need for change.

    This realization, coupled with a doctor's warning and spiritual conviction, inspired a life transformation. Embracing faith and nutrition, I lost over 100 pounds, leading me to create Thrive Weight Loss.

    Despite business hurdles, I launched Shibboleth, a Christ-centered weight loss ministry. We offer 'edutainment' to teach sustainable, enjoyable fat loss, proving spiritual wellness is key to lasting success.

Meet The Powerhouse Behind The Scenes

Our dedicated team ensures the seamless operation of our company and programs. From program development to customer support, they're the unsung heroes driving our success

  • Meet Sergey

    Hi! I'm Sergey from Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. My family includes my wife Helen, our daughter Veronica, and Tyson, our Thai cat. Veronica, 6, enjoys playing with Tyson, who prefers solo play. We love traveling, though Tyson isn't as keen.

    Our life was changed in one day when Putin started the war against Ukraine. My main desire now is to Close The Sky Over Ukraine, so that the bombing of our cities will stop and the war will end.

    Our people are very peaceful and do not want to fight with anyone, but at the same time they love freedom very much and are not ready to live in slavery.

    We're the MyShibboleth site developers. I began in 2013, and Helen joined in Jan 2022. We manage the server, develop new features, and enhance the site's usefulness for users. Our goal is to support the team in changing lives and helping users achievetheir goals.

  • Meet Lara

    I'm Lara Basiao, originally from the Philippines, sharing my journey with my husband, Gilbert. After 17 years in the corporate world, I left to seek a life that offered more joy, fulfillment, and the ability to support our parents. This quest led me to Shibboleth in 2019, where I met Travis and joined a team that quickly became family.

    Shibboleth isn't just a workplace; it's a community where kindness and collaboration reign. As part of the admin and website team, I dedicate myself to supporting our mission and values every day. Leaving my corporate job was a leap towards a better future, and at Shibboleth, I've found my heart's true calling.

  • Meet Liza

I'm a housewife and mother to four wonderful boys, whose life took a delightful turn when I ventured into the world of virtual assistance and freelancing, thanks to my sister Lara. This journey led me to Shibboleth, a wellness community where I started as a virtual assistant, navigating through unfamiliar tasks and the complexities of the program.
Despite initial challenges, the support and patience from the Shibboleth community, especially Travis, helped me grow and find my place. Shibboleth has become more than a job—it's a journey
towards a healthy lifestyle intertwined with spiritual growth, making it a holistic experience for me.
I'm grateful to be part of the Shibboleth family, enjoying the shared path towards wellness and faith.
Thanks to everyone, especially Travis and Sasha, for their guidance and patience. Shibboleth isn't just
about achieving a healthy lifestyle; it's about fostering a supportive and caring community, united in
our journey towards a fulfilling life.
Join us in embracing a lifestyle that, while not perfect, is enriched with support, love, and a shared
commitment to wellness and spiritual growth.

  • Meet Sigmund

    Residing in the Philippines alongside my cherished spouse and two beloved children, I have engaged with various visual arts for more than 20 years. Beyond my professional endeavors, my family and I have fervently worked in church ministry, extending support through youth and family outreach initiatives.

    During my 8-year tenure at Shibboleth, I have enhanced my skills in graphic arts but also cultivated profound relationships with the company's core team. Shibboleth transcended mere employment to me, evolving into a personal ministry avenue, empowering and inspiring me to extend assistance and uplift others through graphics.

    Committed to fulfill my calling for the Lord, I aim to work in excellence and bring the glory that He deserves, and leave a lasting impact within the Shibboleth community.

  • Meet Raj

    Greetings, I'm Desh Raj, and it's been an incredible journey being a part of the MyShibboleth team for the past eight years. What began as a job has transformed into a passion, shaping not just my career but also my personal growth in profound ways.

    Yet, amidst the technical intricacies, what truly drives me is our mission at MyShibboleth.

    Our dedication to empowering individuals through technology resonates deeply with me. Much like my own journey in software development, witnessing our clients' successes and helping them navigate their digital objectives has been incredibly rewarding.

    In my role, I've had the privilege of collaborating with talented colleagues, exchanging knowledge, and collectively pushing boundaries in the tech industry. Whether it's troubleshooting code, brainstorming innovative solutions, or providing support to our users, every interaction has been enriching and has contributed to our collective growth.

    Looking ahead, I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for MyShibboleth. As we continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I am committed to contributing my skills and passion towards our shared goals.